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Name: Alberto

data sources info

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Hi there,

I recently downloaded the YoWindow app on my iPhone, and I've been enjoying the interactive interface. However, I have a question regarding the accuracy of the weather forecasts provided by the app.

I've noticed some discrepancies between the weather forecast shown in YoWindow and the actual weather conditions, especially regarding precipitation and temperature predictions. Could you please shed some light on how YoWindow sources its weather data? Also, are there any settings or updates I can apply to improve the accuracy of the forecasts?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: data sources info

Post by countryroads »

Hi Alberto,

Did you download YoWindow from the App Store or are you testing the new and improved YoWindow 2 for iOS?

YoWindow 2 for iOS will be on the App Store after it has been completely tested.
It has options for selecting the weather source and the forecast source.
If you are not testing it, you can sign up to help with the testing.

I hope I have answered your questions.

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Re: data sources info

Post by herselfplus »

YoWindow sources its weather data from various meteorological sources, but specific details about their data providers are not available. Discrepancies between forecasted and actual conditions can occur due to factors like data quality, geographic variations, timeframe, and rapid weather changes. To potentially improve forecast accuracy, ensure accurate location settings, keep the app updated, compare multiple sources, and consider contributing local weather data if available. However, weather forecasts are predictions and subject to uncertainties. Stay aware of changing weather conditions and use forecasts as general guidance.
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Re: data sources info

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Check if YoWindow allows you to select a more precise location within your city or town, as this can sometimes provide better hyperlocal forecasts tiny fishing
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