YoWindow 2 for iOS. Get Alpha version on Test Flight

New Multiplatform based version of YoWindow.
Most of the code is shared with the latest Android version.
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YoWindow 2 for iOS. Get Alpha version on Test Flight

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Today we are thrilled to announce alpha version of the new YoWindow for iPhone and iPad.
"Alpha" means the app is ready for practical use (you can watch the weather and change the locations).
However, many features and landscapes are not added yet.

Join alpha-testing

The special thing about YoWindow 2 is that the app is multi-platform.
It is built with the wonderful technology of Kotlin multiplatform (KMM) by Jetbrains.
The code we are writing for Android is automatically published for iOS.
Our plan is to release iOS version first, then make apps for other platforms, Windows in particular.
A huge work has been done. 4 years.
We hope that the official launch of YoWindow 2 for iOS is around the corner.
YoWindow Team.

Get YoWindow weather app for your phone or tablet.

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