1.0.13 Village2 early preview

New Multiplatform based version of YoWindow.
Most of the code is shared with the latest Android version.
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1.0.13 Village2 early preview

Post by par » Wed May 03, 2023 5:57 pm

You can follow our work on Village 2 even on iOS!

Village landscape is the most popular in YoWindow.
But, unfortunately, it lacks life.
We thought it would be great to add people and animals to the Village.
To fill the landscape with life and events.
This is the idea of Village 2 landscape.

We have been working on Village 2 for many months now.

We want you to watch the creation of the landscape with us.

There are currently 3 characters in the landscape - Grandpa, Dog, Horse, and also chickens.
You can launch various scenes by clicking one of the buttons on the landscape.

- You can tap on the door of the house for Grandpa to come out.
If the chickens are grazing on the lawn, Grandpa will feed them.
- If you tap on Grandpa, he will change his clothes.

- No sounds.
- Only summer. Seasons do not change yet.
- The grass in the foreground is turned off.

Don't worry, the old Landscape Village will remain in YoWindow forever as it is.
We will not change or delete it.

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