Pirated keys blocked

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Pirated keys blocked

Post by par »

Try Googling for "YoWindow Unlimited License Key".
Easy you to find the keys that unlock YoWindow.
Anyone can get Unlimited Edition for free.
Until today.

We just have blocked the most used license keys.
YoWindow will switch to Free edition for that guys.

Expect lots of new posts on the forum like this.
"YoWindow is broken!!!!!!!!! I'm entering the valid license key. But as soon as I reboot, it goes back to Free."

Dear moderators, please advise these people to purchase YoWindow Unlimited.

Please, respect our work, support the project.
We need money to evolve the project and to feed ourselves.

It's just $10.
You will enjoy YoWindow Unlimited forever.

Two new beautiful landscapes are coming soon.
You will get them for free.

Get YoWindow weather app for your phone or tablet.

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Re: Pirated keys blocked

Post by gabonik »

I have the boundless version, but this morning has appeared me on Facebook this message :Pirated License keys for YoWindow Unlimited has been blocked.
If YoWindow goes from Unlimited to Free after restart, you probably need to order YoWindow Unlimited. Why ?
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