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Re: YoWindow Next Version

Post by countryroads » Wed Apr 13, 2022 2:28 am

Hi Alex,

If all you are seeing is the temperature, try to tap or touch the temperature and drag it down. On my Android, that will display everything. Forecast, feels like, humidity, etc.

After you are able to drag it down and see everything, at the top right there are 3 dots. The 3 dots are your menu. Go to Settings in that menu. At the very bottom of Settings is About. About will show you what build or version number that you are using.

Village, Valley, Seaside, Oriental, and Airport are free animated landscapes. They can be saved just like before. Ocean and Train station are for unlimited users or can be paid for. I recommend you to set up 2 locations with these landscapes while you can.

Ocean is really interesting. Whales, dolphins, sinking ships, etc. plus you can help us testing them.

The windiest METAR station is at the top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire. It is KMWN.

I hope this information helps you.


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Re: YoWindow Next Version

Post by A-L-E-X » Thu Apr 14, 2022 10:17 am

Thanks I just added KMWN! Are the number of locations I can add unlimited in the free Android version just like they will be in the upcoming free Windows version? I'm curious to see how it will be implemented without Flash....and very excited about it because from what I can see, the Android version has better graphics than the Flash version did.

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