YoWindow Update Error Problem

Early builds of YoWindow for Windows
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Name: Dannan Tavona

YoWindow Update Error Problem

Post by DTavona » Tue Jan 04, 2022 8:34 am

I'm a registered user running Windows 7 Professional.

My version seems to be working, but I still have Flash on my PC. I tried to upgrade to Window 10 four years ago and lost a LOT of files when Windows started migrating my document files to a non-existent cloud account and deleting them from my PC. I had downloaded that file directly from the Microsoft website. Subsequent experiences with it, such as being a registered owner and using administrative privileges still left me unable to tweak the system to my satisfaction, such as customizing the menu, and adding or deleting links to programs on my own. Having to login in twice? Compelled to be online with a Microsoft account to use my PC even offline?

So anyway, back to YoWindows. My version has an "Update Error" message box that won't go away.
YoWindow 4
Build 103
Unlimited edition

When you have a PC version working, can you send me an email notification that you have a working update?

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