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This is an example landscape post.
I wish your landscape post to look like this one.
Text in red is our comments, do not include it in your post.

We wish to share your landscape with all YoWindow users (assuming the landscape quality is good).
But we care about content licensing.
To include a landscape in YoWindow we need a permission from the original picture owner and you (the author of the landscape).
The original picture must be licensed free for commercial use and modification to be included in YoWindow.

Name your post by the name of the place displayed on the picture. Example: "USA/Washington, White House".

Please fill as many fields in the post as you can.
If you don't know an answer (the name of the author or the original photo license), just write "Unknown" or "Don't know"

Photo author: bortescristian

Photo origin:
Where have you found the photo? Specify a web-page address. If the photo is taken by you, just write "my photo"

Photo license: Free for commercial use and modification
The original picture must be licensed free for commercial use and modification to let us include it in YoWindow.

Sky removed by: Pavel Repkin,
The person who has been working on picture adaptation to YoWindow, most likely it is you :)

I give my permission to include my landscape inside YoWindow: YES [YES/NO]

Show off a preview image of your landscape.
This is to let the user see the landscape fast without download and setup.
The best preview image is a screenshot of YoWindow with your landscape installed.
And the best size of the screenshot is 700 pixels wide (to fit good inside YoWindow forum page).
If it's hard for you to take a screenshot, just add the landcape .png image in place of the preview image.

How to take a decent preview screenshot.
1. Select your landscape inside YoWindow.
2. Resize YoWindow window to make it approximately 700 pixels wide
3. Press [Alt-PrtSc] key combination on your keyborad to copy window contents.
4. Run Microsoft Paint application
5. Paste the window contents inside Paint.
6. Save the screenshot image as JPEG
colosseum.jpg (87.45 KiB) Viewed 67653 times

Pack the files of your landscape in a .zip file.
Please name it by the place of the landscape. Example:
This step is required to make the landscape installation process simple.
And, by the way, you will be able to track the number of your landscape downloads.
The number of downloads is displayed below the link to

These are the steps a user needs to take to install your landscape.

1. Download file
2. Unpack
3. Add the pyramids.ywl to YoWindow through main-menu/Landscape/Add...

Download the landscape:
(1.99 MiB) Downloaded 5453 times

This landscape post without comments:

We need your feedback on landcape post format.
Let's discuss it in this topic
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