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<temperature unit="&deg;C">

Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:59 pm
by Andy9164
Have read on several posts on the site that <temperature unit="&deg;C"> in the xml file causes an issue of "No Weather". Had the same issue and I fixed it as follows.

In the yowindow.txt file this line <temperature unit="<#tempunit>"> returns either "&deg;C" or "&deg;F" from Cumulus and even if you change it in the xml file next time the xml file is generated it comes back.

There is an alternative webtag in Cumulus so replace <temperature unit="<#tempunit>"> in the yowindow.txt file with<temperature unit="<#tempunitnodeg>"> and this will return the temperature units being used, without a degree symbol, i.e. "F" or "C"

Don't know about previous versions but this is in Cumulus 1.9.4

Hope this helps