Landscape statistics - June, 10, 2011 (noon, UTC+1, DST)

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Landscape statistics - June, 10, 2011 (noon, UTC+1, DST)

Post by ikarus1969 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:16 pm


before i leave for a 2-week-vacation (if you look at my landscape "tired legs" you know where i'm going to :Yahoo!: ) i uploaded the updated landscape statistics for today June, 10th, 2011, both in CSV and XLS (Excel 2003) format.

Everyone can play around and make some evaluations.

There are ~1008 landscapes around here (plus-minus one or two )!

If you find errors in the file feel free to post them or send a PM.

Known issue: if someone posted without an included zipped landscape-file it is counted too (cannot read the posts themselves because of the use of a session-variable which isn't available for my script)

(62.18 KiB) Downloaded 778 times
(20.21 KiB) Downloaded 681 times
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