How to connect WsWin and YoWindow?

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How to connect WsWin and YoWindow?

Post by par » Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:42 pm

This document explains how to export Ws-Win weather to YoWindow XML format.


here is a beta-file how to include your pws-data to YoWindow.
EDIT:It was the first template, so don´t copy the following code .
Please read the introduction first.

Code: Select all

<!-- %customfile=yowindow.xml% --> 
<!-- %openfile=ws_variables.txt% -->
%unit_off% %alwaysseppoint_on%

       <temperature value="%curval[0]%"/>
       <humidity value="%curval[19]%"/>
       <pressure value="%curval[33]%"/>
       <visibility value="%horiz_view%"/>
          <speed value="%curval[35]%"/>
          <direction value="%curval[36]%"/>
          <clouds value ="%suneighth%"/>
       <precipitation mode="yes"/>
            <snow height="%snowheight%">
How to ?
At first you should save the file in the primary directory of WsWin (e.g. c:\programme\wswin) and let it open with "openfile".
Look, if it generates the "yowindow.xml" file. You should find it in the html-directory (e.g. c:\programme\wswin\html\yowindow.xml). For testing, open it with Internet explorer to check if the xml-file is displayed "properly" as you can see it here
Then, you have to download the latest YoWindow Version. You can find it here
After installation, go to Place (Ort), Place-Character (Ortseigenschaft) and then to setup.
There you have to enter your geo-data and the url where the xml-file generated by the file above is published. You can choose both - a local path or an url on your webserver -.

At the moment there are still some small things we have to work on (e.g. humidity and View). It´s just a beta !
Actual rain (%curval[34]%) and rainrate per hour (%rainrate%) have to be added.
I just couldn´t solve that. Adding these variables, the xml-file is not shown properly. Couldn´t find the reason yet.

EDIT: Now, while we are working on a documentation, you should look at the WsWin thread to finde new code.

Now have fun !

When you are done you may connect YoWindow to your station, follow these instructions.
Get YoWindow weather app for your phone or tablet.

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