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YoWindow XML

Post by par » Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:46 pm

In case you own a weather station not supported by YoWindow, you have to compose a template or a PHP script to generate YoWindow XML from the weather data produced by your station.

Whether you have created a template or a PHP script for a new weather station, please share with us!

This document describes YoWindow XML format for PWS stations.
Follow the link and read the document carefully.
YoWindow XML format

Should you encounter any difficulties in adapting your weather station data to YoWindow format, please, don't hesitate to contact me or our friendly community here.

For each weather station we may have
- a plain/simple text XML template file;
- a PHP script (if one is available and is needed).

One of the main reason developing an XML template in addition to a PHP script for YoWindow:
- a user wants to keep the file locally on his/her personal computer;
- then a plain text XML template file can be used on that user's personal computer.

To use a PHP script to generate the required XML file, a user would have to install a server software as well as the PHP software, and that would be a problem for most users.

yowindow.xml extentions for some weather stations

Weather Display.

<icon> tag.
You may provide weather icon id to indicate sky conditions.
<icon> is a child of <sky> tag.
<icon> is replaced inside YoWindow to a combination of <clouds>, <precipitation>, <thunder> and <mist> tags.
However <description> tag is not added.
You have to provide <description> tag manually inside the template.
(This is to avoid unnecessary description translations.)

Code: Select all

    @id - icon id
    @format = "wd" - let YoWindow know the icon id is from Weather Display station
YoWindow will pick sky parameters represented by the icon.
    @include - [always, daylight]

    <icon id="21" format="wd"/>
    <description value="Heavy Rain">


clouds/<icon> tag.
You may provide weather icon id to indicate clouds-coverage.
You have to add <icon> tag inside <clouds>, and assign sky-code to @id attribute of <icon> tag.

Code: Select all

        <icon id="2" format="ws-win"/>
    <description value="Fair"/>
    <precipitation mode="rain">
        <rate value="4"/>
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