Yla File Settings and values

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Yla File Settings and values

Post by Chrisreichert@gmx.de » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:54 pm

I have made several yowindow landscape for my android devices and enyoy them very much, especially that I can choose my own photos and settings.

So I ajust the yla file for each new yowindow landscape.
I wonder what the settings mean:

"horizonStartDepth" : on what do the values depend on? I always just try them out
What is the difference between "horizonMeters" and "farMeters" ?
What means "formatVersion" . I always take 2. Are there different values?
"Entrance" for the night mode. I always take instant. Are there different values?
ID: night for the night mode. Are there other modes to choose?

Are there any hidden settings?

Best regard

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Re: Yla File Settings and values

Post by par » Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:15 am

Hi, Chris!
I'm glad you found it interesting to make YoWindow landscapes.
Why don't you share them with the community?
You are very welcome!

To your questions.
1. depthMap. Additional "horizonStartDepth" and "horizonMeters" parameters.

depthMap is made by drawing grayscale pixels with intensity from 0 to 1.
0 means the pixel is at nearMeters distance.
1 means the pixel is at farMeters distance.
YoWindow maps the pixel intensity to a distance to the pixel.
0 -> nearMeters
1 -> farMeters

There's a special kind of photos - taken from a high vantage point (with far view)
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File ... ilding.jpg

The simple mapping of [0..1] intensity to distances works poor in this case.

To make these landscapes look impressive we have added two new parameters
"horizonStartDepth" - the pixel intensity where the distant portion of the landscape starts. We call it "horizon".
horizonStartDepth mapped to farMeters distance.
"horizonMeters" - the distance to the most distant pixel. Mapped to intensity = 1.

The distances computed this way.
0 -> nearMeters
horizonStartDepth -> farMeters
1 -> horizonMeters

"depthMap": {
"nearMeters": 100,
"farMeters": 2500,
"horizonStartDepth": 0.70,
"horizonMeters": 15000

2. formatVersion - is the version of yla file format. Please keep this value equal to 2.
Otherwise the landscape may not be read by the future versions of YoWindow.

3. We have plans to add support for views of winter and autumn in the future.
At the moment only "night" view is available.

4. There are two variants for "entrance" parameter in the view.
- instant: the view switched instantly. Use it when day and night photos look similar.
Photos of the same place taken at similar aspect.
- delayed: the view revealed after a delay. This option is good when you have different photos for day and night.
Otherwise an unpleasant blinking to happen when you scroll the time.
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