Can’t find my location, important information

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Can’t find my location, important information

Post by par » Sat May 24, 2014 4:50 am

If you are new to YoWindow, we would like to welcome you.

Please read these instructions carefully and be sure to understand them fully.
We can’t help you if you haven’t read or ignore these instructions.

There are a few options why you may not find your location in the YoWindow database.
Before asking us, please make sure you’ve tried the following:

- Select All locations.
- Look for your location on how it is spelled on
It may be that special characters are being used, often listed at the bottom of our database.
It may also be that it’s spelled differently from what you expect or were looking for.

It you’re sure it’s not there, you can ask for it to be added, provided that you read and follow these instructions carefully: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13.
If you don’t understand them or are not sure, then please ask for our help.
There have been many occasions where we couldn’t be of help, simply because these instructions were not being followed!

If you are asking for more than one location, put them in the same post.
Also when you are a new user, your registration needs to be approved by us.
Wait for our confirmation. It’s useless and annoying to post the same request more then once.

In addition you would help us very much if you could supply us with a link to the site where we can find your specific location.
Specially when there are more than one location with the same name!

For Norway locations only:
If you’re asking for a location in Norway, we also need a link to the site with your location.
The Norway ID is not enough information to help you.

We can’t repeat often enough that Administrative Divisions can’t be added.
However, Administration Centre’s can!
Pay special attention to that!

And finally: Please post in English, unless you can’t.

Please help us so we can help you!

If you have followed the above and you’ve received a confirmation that your location has been added, but still can’t find it, then please try the following:

- Exit YoWindow (Ctrl-Q on desktop version)
- Completely clear your Internet Browser cache.
- Press Ctrl-F5 to reload your Browser page.
- Restart YoWindow.
Alternatively it may help to wait for about 24 hours after our confirmation.

If nothing of these has helped, then please let us know, preferably by replying to your original request and telling us which version of YoWindow you are using.
- Windows Desktop
- Mac Desktop
- Widget (Please supply us with a link to your site)
- Chrome Browser
- iOS (Please state which device)
- Android
This will help us, because sometimes different versions need different approaches.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Enjoy YoWindow!
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