Meteors at night

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Meteors at night

Post by DHKaplan » Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:16 am

I've just discovered YoWindow and am really enjoying it. You have an unimportant bug I thought I'd mentioned. I've just noticed all the meteors tonight, and seen that they come from all different directions. In real life they all tend to come from the same general sky direction, as they are the remains of comets that the Earth is passing through and they all are going in the same direction. Worth changing, probably not, but thought you should know!

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Re: Meteors at night

Post by FvE » Mon Nov 02, 2015 5:26 pm

Hi David,

Welcome to this forum.
Thank you for reporting this.

In general I can say that the animations in YoWindow are there to have fun, they are not meant to display reality.
Meaning you will see the sky as you will see it from your window with a few adaptions.
So there are a few conditions to take in account:
- You will always see the Sun (when it's visible in real life), so in the Northern Hemisphere you are looking South, in the Southern Hemisphere North.
- The Sun (and Moon too for that matter) describes a shorter path than in real life, just to keep it visible on little screens.
- The night sky is there to display stars, it's not real time and there are no real constellations.
- Everything is displayed two dimensional, so wind will be visible only from the West or the East.
- And, as you described, Meteors come from random directions.

Speaking of fun, have you tried typing the following on your keyboard in the PC version (no <Enter> required):
- amelie (when there are a few clouds)
- cash (pay attention to the falling leaves)
- mouse over the cows or horses or click on them once or multiple times
- ufo or invasion (watch the animals)
- <ctrl> b or fiesta (try clicking and dragging)

These all work very well in the village landscape but some of them will work in other landscapes too.

Enjoy YoWindow.


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