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6 new languages

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 1:21 pm
by par
More and more people know about YoWindow and use it in a native language.
We are happy :)

These are the 6 new languages YoWindow have learnt:
Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese

I want to honor the people who have made it.

Ukrainian: Yurii Petrashko

Croatian: Dražen Oršolić

Serbian: Rade Stojaković

Slovenian: Janez Florjan

Macedonian: Sasko Andonov

Traditional Chinese: ChihChung Ma

Thank you very much, guys!

Don't hesitate to spread the word about YoWindow in your country, since we cannot do this.


Re: 6 new languages

Posted: Sat May 29, 2010 5:40 pm
by yanngoyan
In my YoWindow (Version: 2.0.307) Options menu only one language is System Default. I check the document there have 26 xml files in lang subdocument. Please tell me how to setup for my country language? Thank you!

Re: 6 new languages

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 6:21 am
by par
We have never received such a problem report before.
There must be something special with your system.
Try to install YoWindow in some simple directory (not in Program Files/YoWindow) like C:\yowin
Will it help?
Don't you install YoWindow on a network drive?
What's your operating system?

Re: 6 new languages

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 7:12 pm
by yanngoyan
It works now. Thank you!