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Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:44 am
by par
- A number of crashes fixed

Re: 0.62

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:30 am
by Angelmmm3
Good Evening Pasha,

Samsung Galaxy S4/SGH-I337M/4.2.2

So far so good!

When I click on the voting link, I get an error message from Samsung that this product does not exist (which makes sense as this is a Beta version). Before, nothing would happen at all & the phone never crashed. At first I just assumed that the link had been disabled, until reading your post on an earlier version. However, this is the first time the link has "worked" since your broken voting link update.


Re: 0.62

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:51 am
by par
Thanks! :)
Yes, we are waiting for Samsung to approve YoWindow to Samsung Apps store.

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Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:19 pm
by Péter
0.62 probléma nélkül települt , és fut.
A beállításokban az IDŐJÁRÁS FRISSÍTÉSE menü alatt MÉRTÉKEGYSÉGEK nyílik meg.
Lehet hogy csak a magyar fordításban.

0.62 installed without problem and running.
The setting in the weather update UNITS menu opens under.
Maybe only the Hungarian translation.

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Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:31 pm
by jpmorgan49
I detect NO FLICKERING on my Galaxy S3 and Asus tablet.

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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:25 am
by andchris01
Hi Pasha
No problems with my Galaxy Note3 or s3
All is perfect

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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 1:16 am
by dramr
working quite well, no crashes so far.

Galaxy s4 v.4.4.2

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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:10 am
by countryroads
Hi Pasha,

Kyoceras 4.0.4
NextBook 4.1.1
Lenovo 4.1.2
Samsung 2.3.6
the app is working on all of the above with no crashes.

I have not been able to get any of my androids to blink.
I tried really hard with the Samsung 2.3.6 as it has the same memory as the problem android.
The only problem I have with it is explained here. viewtopic.php?f=58&t=21603#p55623


Re: 0.62

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:10 am
by countryroads
Hi Pasha,

I tried to get one of my fast androids to have some blinking.
I did the moving of the finger around the screen the way the
person on the video was doing.

I found something else.
I was able to drag the airport tower around while moving my finger around.
Don't just swipe the screen. The person on the video is creating a lot of friction.

I was also able to tell what the blinking is on a slower android.
It was night and if you build up enough friction moving finger fast left and right,
the sun coming up in the morning and then returning to night looks like the blinking.
On a slow android, that motion would buffer up and have some blinking.

This was all done on my Lenovo 4.1.2.
See the attached airport tower screenshots.

I dragged the tower over to the right with friction.
This is where the tower should be.

Re: 0.62

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:22 am
by par
Guys, thank you for reporting!

Marty, I think I know why the Airport screen moved.
There is a feature in YoWindow that not many are aware about.
When you hold the device in portrait mode you can scroll the picture left and right.
But instead of one finger you need to swipe with two fingers.
I think you have occasionally pressed the screen with both fingers and then the scrolling started.