0.22 Snow

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0.22 Snow

Post by par » Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:02 am

What's new?

- Snow effect

I'm having a hard time to reproduce the problems you have found in the previous build.

The app is unstable mostly because of unreliable memory management.
If your device is old or lacks memory you will likely to experience unpredictable behavior, crashes and hang ups.
Current YoWindow is not expected to run on old devices.
We need time to support them.
We will let you know as soon as old devices and low memory devices are supported.
Until that time there's not much point investigating a problem and fixing it.
Please don't report the problems until then if this is the case for your device.

Also please do not report if you turned ART early access on your device.
YoWindow uses Native Code feature that is not currently supported by ART.
Even a number of apps by Google are not able to run on ART as I was told.
We need to wait for ART release to see if YoWindow can run on ART.

But if you to encounter an error on a contemporary device (Android 4+), please don't hesitate to report.

Guys, thank you for the feedback.
Keep them coming.
We are heavily relying on your reports.
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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by s-andrew » Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:20 pm

Вообще, снег понравился.
Вылетов пока не наблюдалось, правда за последние 8 часов планшет использовался минимально.
Сейчас снег почему-то стал выглядеть следующим образом, причем на любом пейзаже:

И еще, это так задумано, что при перемещении между рабочими столами девайса (именно при перелистывании экранов), падение снега становится анимированным? Это я к тому, что до сих пор живые обои представляли собой статичную картинку.

Продолжаю тестирование.
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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by countryroads » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:12 pm

Hi Pasha,

My androids are a lot happier with this version.
When you tell me to test the Samsung, I will.
Until that time, I am testing the Kyoceras and the NextBook.

NextBook 4.1.1 is still shifting right and then left when switching locations. See viewtopic.php?f=58&t=20280#p51929
Kyoceras 4.0.4 and the NextBook 4.1.1 Yellow snow landscape for Saint Petersburg.

Mansfield is able to switch to any landscape.
Saint Petersburg with yellow snow landscape will crash when I try changing a landscape.

Location List is remaining as I entered it.
No more "No Info".

If I try switching locations too many times, a location will crash.
It is almost like the buffer has gotten filled up.
When I restart YoWindow, everything is fine except for Saint Petersburg yellow snow.

:) :good: :)

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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by countryroads » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:56 pm

Hi Pasha,

The Yellow Snow in the above screenshots (from s-andrew and me) may be a time of day issue.
I viewed Saint Petersburg yellow snow after uninstall and install from Testflight.

After I turned the android off and then turned it back on later,
Saint Petersburg now has clear night sky with snow that has a shade of blue (normal snow landscape).
I also looked at s-andrew's location. Normal landscape of falling snow.

So it was either the time of day or the first viewing after installing from Testflight.


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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by FvE » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:15 am

Hi Pasha,

Now I do know a way to repeat Marty's 'No info' problem.
I installed version 0.22 over 0.21 and instantly had three (default) No info locations.
Clicking on one of them gave me a location without name, but with the geonames-id:
After removing 0.22 and re-installing it crashes on both my HTC smartphone and Asus tablet as soon as I choose Seoul:
After a Seoul crash if I close YoWindow and re-open it it comes with a black screen.
If I switch off my device, switch it on again and then start YoWindow again it comes up with the hangng Seoul screen.
I need to re-install to get rid of this.

Let me know if I need to investigate further.


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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by andchris01 » Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:08 am

Hi Pasha,
On my Samsung Galaxy s3 android 4.1.2 I can only open the Aiport.
Opening Village, Asian, Sky and Seaside I've a blue screen or black screen and the message
Unfortunately YoWindow has closed
Best regards

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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by vovir » Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:35 am

Наконец то заработало нормальное переключение между деревней и аэропортом, все возвращается обратно. При установке 19 версии при первом запуске проскакивал снег, несколько секунд и пропадал, на этой версии такого нет. Паша обои работают уже или нет? В принципе это первая нормальная сборка которая более менее нормально работает на моем устройстве. :good:
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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by littlejohns2k » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:22 am

Hello Pasha,

Thank you for your continuous effort on improving Yowindow for android.

I am very much happy with the latest update (snow effect).

Snow effect is very nice and feel a real Christmas season.
Now, I like to share few problems I am facing. (I am using Micromax A110 - Android 4.1.1 version)
1) Crash on changing the location.
2) Crash on changing the landscape.
3) Wallpaper changes to black screen after sometime.
4) Application Hang while scrolling to future weather.

In addition I like to understand two thing you mentioned in your post.
1) "older device will have this problem" - older means by android version or phone manufacturing?
2) what is ART, how to switch ON or switch OFF. What will be it effect?

Thanks and Wishes
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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by andchris01 » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:55 am

Hi Pasha,
As I was sad to have only crashes I tried to open YoWindow by locations and I can obtain
BUTif you change one airport for a village or for an Asian paysage it crash
You can create new locations and get all paysages and they doesn't crash everytime
Thanks for the Snow
Here in Andorra have a lot of snow ;)

Christian :Yahoo!:

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Re: 0.22 Snow

Post by vvss » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:10 am

При запуске программы первый раз, - очень долго грузиться, кажется что на синем экране зависло. Далее при переключении локаций, программа крашиться. Живые обои устанавливаются, но только если не переключать локации. Иначе программа крашиться и вместо обоев черный экран. При переустановке все работает, но в локации по умолчанию. Снег белый, питерского цвета не имеет ;-) Из за включении анимации при перелистывании рабочих столов, теперь чаще листаю, :) живая картинка все лучше.
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