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Inacurrate weather in Paris, France

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:06 am
by Concorde
Regularly noting inacurracies in the weather for Paris intra muros (YoWindow displaying rain or snow or blue sky or strong wind or no rain or no snow etc, when looking out the window shows the opposite), plus wrong temperatures, it seems that your weather station of reference for Paris is the one at Villacoublay (14 km SW of Paris) or some other airport which in any case is in a far away countryside area with a totally different climate.
Why not simply use the official weather station of reference for Paris : the "Station de mesures meteorologiques de Paris-Montsouris" which is in the Montsouris park right in Paris ?
Other than that not-so-small problem, YoWindow is easy and pleasant to use.
Thank you for your help and update.
Best regards,