Request for "What to wear today...? " feature

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Request for "What to wear today...? " feature

Post by roxana » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:44 pm

Request for adding Clothe wearing Alert feature in each day
Alert for Clothe wearing type each day/night/hour in notification bar
For instance
umbrella +jacket+boots +jeans
Overcoat + gloves + warm socks +woolen cap
sweater + skirt or dress/slacks or pants
overalls vests + raincoat +rainboots
straw hat +sunglasses +tanktop/bikini or burkini+slippers
leather jacket + mittens
down jacket or vest + hat +leggings
ankle socks + half or full slip
woolen or cotton blanket sleeper for babies
high heels sweatshirt
tights or pantyhose for girls or women
trench coat or poncho
headband or headwrap or earmuffs
winter scarf
swimming trunks or bra or camisole or long underwear or polo shirt
cowboy hat or blazer +jeans
facemask +safety glasses
security pants +safty vest (when volcano is active)

and so on

can You!? :Bravo:


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