Please reflect these features in widgets & notificationbar

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Please reflect these features in widgets & notificationbar

Post by roxana » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:01 pm

1- show Moon phases shapes as thumbnail icon for each night (currently just on background image on Yowindow program it is being seen this is not enough perhaps somebody like me changing this background) furthermore note this point that please show moon phases just at night and show sun icon just at daytime, Don't forget that add weather situations like rainy(soft/heavy/shower) or snowy(soft/heavy) or blowy(soft/hard) or haily(soft/hard) or stormy(flood/strong) or Thunderstorms(normal/Thunderbolt ) and etc as background thumbnail icon on Daytime or Nighttime icon too

2-Addplease these weather parameters onto notification bar icon(or on widget on extra bar on below it) too as animated one by one at glance(or animated text from right to left) with smaller font than temperature font
a-windspeed(Supports Currently)
d-Dew point
f-sunset & sunriseTime
g-Temperature(Supports Currently) thnx for big show it was very important!

3-Show 7days forcast + whether hourly for each day/night with A-humidity & B-Temperature degree & C-air pressure(these 3 parameters are most important in weather) on widget please, You can embed all these data via a modern menu or multi menu (Topmenu+submenu or Dropdown menu or popup menu or sidebar menu or humburger menu or huge dropdown menu or etc) in widget

4-I am not sure(perhaps u already have fixed this issue) but if still not fix please support installing new release without need uninstalling previous version

5-Add an Big Clock(Time) + calender on center of widget too

6-Please try ebed all these info in a modern design menu for widget with smallest size e. g 4×2 or maximum 4×3 (widgets with 5×2 and more not recommended ) with minimum cpu usage and Ram and battery draining

7-Add widget settings in settings program too for select or unselect parameters(If u can!)
I attached an screenshot rom my Android device to more details

You will be best on both for windows or Mobile just effort more in attraction user friendly designing (I replace my weather widget with Yowindow widget for first time) :Bravo: You can believe it :-)

Now i go and go back when u add all these features


Compare widgets features
add widget settings page2
Support display 7days in widget

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