Seeking Shelter

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Seeking Shelter

Post by loridoria » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:43 am

I find your weather program enchanting! I believe I'm using version 4, with a landscape called "Village" -- only, it isn't a villlage at all. I can see a house or barn (?), a stream, fencing, one tree, and a stretch of pasture land. There are also a few horses and one cow. I'm very happy with my glimpse of a farm (not village). But one thing disturbs me: the animals are often out, grazing, even when it snows or rains. Could you tweak things so that the barn door is open, offering the animals shelter from the elements? And teach/program them so that they're seen going in and out of the barn from time to time (which may require some repositioning of the barn)? That way I'll know that they can find shelter when they want it. It makes me sad, wondering if they're miserably cold outside in bad weather!!

Thank you!

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