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Help me

Post by alicerain2020 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:37 am


I got the yowindow working fine on my desktop and also on my desktop it is getting the data from my Weather Display station. I then decided I want to add it somehow as a stand alone webpage to my website....sorta like this one I did today:

This is one that I basically used code from the "Free weather widget" page.

what I need help with in setting up is first...How do I get my yowindow to display the data from my home weather station, and not from my closest airport Metar station? ..which is why it currently says at top left of my page "Wareham Center" and not "West Wareham, Ma Weather" which is my own data.

The 2nd thing I need help with is how do I make my yowindow image on my website look like the one on this page here: ... igt_yr.php

the yowindow on the link above shows a lot more data on the right side and looks a lot more like the actual screen on my desktop when yowindow is running. What I dont know is where I get the code to display my yowindow like this, instead of the way I have it now.

is there a section somewhere in this forum that describes how to set it up like this? or a different type of code somewhere I overlooked?

I knwo that the forecast part is something different on his site above, I am just looking to find out how to make my yowindow look like his and also make it display my stations data and not the data from the closest Airport Metar.

Thank you for any help

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Re: Help me

Post by countryroads » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:44 am

Visit this site and view the source to see how to access Weather Display station..

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