Question with between Chrome & Android versions

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Question with between Chrome & Android versions

Post by deb17 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:50 pm

I recently purchased the unlimited version for my Windows 10 PC, but only have the free version on my Android phone.

I notice that the version on my phone has a picture of a birthday cake in the settings menu and when you press that it show 'surprises'. Currently it only has 'Fiesta' listed which launches some air balloons. Is this option available for my paid PC version? I cannot find anything similar.

My Android phone also does not use the correct location even when I have the correct option to use current location set (It uses a nearby location). I can change the location, but it doesn't stay changed. Is there a way to permanently change the home location in the phone app? This is not a problem on the PC, it uses whatever location I give it until I manually change to a different location.

Lastly, since I paid for the app on my PC ($9.95), is there a way to get a discounted price for my phone? I understand if you can't verify that the phone belongs to the same person who paid for the PC version.

Thanks, love the program.

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