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Widget suddenly showing time and weather for New York

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:18 am
by fishermansblues
I have a problem... instead of local (Greek, Rethymno) time and weather I have got New York City time & weather. I played around a bit on the Widget page, and despite Rethymno and Rethymno Old Town appearing in the locations drop-down it is giving NYC time and weather. However, I found a location "Rethmne" which give both correct time and weather. From the generated code on the Widget page I copied the location id, substituted it into the code on my page ( and everything now seems fine.
It would seem that you have some location ids with no or wrong data and that the widget defaults to NYC.

Edit: Sorry, right weather, wrong time; the time is showing 30 minutes behind our local time. I will check all the code now.

Edit: OK, Strange thing has happened... The live site is now working with the new location id, my local (test) site is now working with the complete new code. So it would appear to be fixed.