error when using latitude/longitude in widget.

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error when using latitude/longitude in widget.

Post by wvdkuil » Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:03 pm

The yowindow widget request its ID information when using a latitude/longitude with 1 decimal digit (lat=54.3&lon=-4.5) with this URL: ... al&lang=en
That URL returns this usable information:
id="3209501" name="Mount Karrin" country_name="Isle of Man" path="" latitude="54.29" longitude="-4.50" elevation="0" p="0" icao_id="EGNS . . .

When asking the same info with a 2 decimal digit (lat=54.31&lon=-4.54) latitude/longitude (or any number of decimal digits larger then 1) ... al&lang=en
there is an error
<error id="internal">Duplicate entry '8388607' for key 'PRIMARY'</error>

When the widget can not retrieve correct ID information it defaults to NewYork which is visible in the timeline as the green dot is showing NewYork time and the values in the forecast are way off.

The page is not working either, there is no way to find an ID and new users have to use latitude/longitude.
The error is rare, but it is annoying also as it is difficult to spot.
All local information is correct as it comes from the users site.
And it takes some getting used to, to find the errors in the forecast and the misplacement of the green dot.

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