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Visit this site that I have created for a friend.

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:25 am
by countryroads
I have a bike riding buddy who is a true Artisan. He handcarves unique works of art with wood. He needed a way to get his work on Google and I needed more practice with PC programming. So I would appreciate any comments. He also carves everyday pieces upon request.

Click on the print of Grande Robe du Soir or the picture of Pumpkin Hollow and a page dedicated to it will display. Click on underlined 'Earlier Carvings' and a page with more carvings will display. I will have more dedicated pages later. I am also researching a method of zooming so that carving detail can be shown.

The website is ... ralph.html .

I thought you might enjoy seeing what has kept me away from the forum for the past week.