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Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:12 pm
by ikarus1969
Who is watching the Superbowl tonight?

Especially our YoWindow-users in the U.S.. is it something you all don't want to miss?

One of my colleagues here in Vienna is taking one day off to watch the superbowl in (german) tv.

Hopefully no "nipplegate" will happen this year :mrgreen:

Re: Superbowl!

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:37 pm
by jmcmurry
I'll be watching it because the commercials are normally outstanding. An extra bonus this year with The Who playing during halftime. There might be some "nipplegate" then if Daltry goes shirtless.

Maybe we'll even get a good football game to go with it all.