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My Kayaking Weather Site

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:56 am
by countryroads
Hi Friends,

On Saturday March 26th at 12:00 Noon, Rascal's favorite lake finally dropped below flood stage. All of the roads at the lake are now usable. Some of Rascal's hiking trails are still under water but the majority of them are out of water. It took 26 days to drain the flood. The Black Fork of the Mohican is at the top of its watershed and is one of the longer rivers. Being at the top, all of the other rivers had to drain first. But we were finally able to drain.

There is a saying that Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention. I tracked down river and lake gauges so that I could monitor the flood levels. I put together htmls that I was going to use for myself and then get rid of them. During the course of using my htmls, I got to thinking that these can be used for monitoring river conditions for canoeing and kayaking. My new website is

These gauges are in feet. I could not find a set that was also metric. One of the sets of gauges has a default of 7 days of activity. I found the 7 days useful but I really wanted to see the activity over 4 weeks. So I have both the 7 day followed by a 28 day set. These are then followed by a different set that shows flood stages in different colors (Active Stage, Flood Stage, Moderate Flood, and Major Flood). I want to put in drop down menus at sometime for 3 different areas: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as I kayak flatwater in Ohio and whitewater in the other 2 states.

The river monitors do not have YoWindow in them. But I have just started to put together lake and river campsite locations that contain YoWindow, radar, local PWS, and the colorized river or lake monitor for that campsite. I have 2 of these locations on the website.

I have one known issue. I had to scale the monitors down in size in order to keep narrow screen PCs from scrolling left and right. If anyone knows how to automatically resize from wide screen to narrow screen, I would appreciate the information.

Now, I need to put together a flood album that I want to have on this site. I am trying to come up with one that people can select what they want to see. I want to load down thumbnails with a category name like Road Coming Out Of The Water. Every thumbnail would be of the road drying off. When a thumbnail is clicked, the picture would display in a viewing screen.

Your comments are much appreciated and most important is we are drying out!! :Yahoo!: :Yahoo!: