Autumn Bicycling around Ohio

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Autumn Bicycling around Ohio

Post by countryroads » Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:37 am

It has really been a beautiful Autumn in Central Ohio. When you are driving, it is really difficult to stop along the road to take pictures of the foliage. I carry an Argus Bean 5 mega pixel in my cycling jersey and go riding around Ohio to take my pictures. It is so easy to just pull off the road when you are on a bicycle. The only pictures that I cannot take are as I am pedaling up a steep hill or as I am flying down a steep hill. And as luck would have it, the most beautiful scenery is at that time.

The Argus Bean is a really nice camera to use while bicycle riding. It is oval and has one end that is a caribiner. When you grab for it out of your cycling jersey pocket, your index finger is already wrapped around the caribiner instead of having to fish for a wrist strap. The camera puts out larger pictures than are on the webpage. I resized them for use on the webpage.

The address is .

I also posted this in Weather Autumn around Ohio.

I hope you enjoy Autumn in Central Ohio via my bicycle.


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