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Post by par » Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:00 pm

Yo friends!
We are happy to show you Sky Eraser - the image editor designed to help you to remove the sky from your images.

Sky eraser works like Photoshop or Gimp editors.
There are no special magic features that make it easier to remove the sky.

The reason we have made our own graphical editor is to provide a smooth workflow for an average YoWindow user to create her own landscape from a picture. We don't want to require our user to install Photoshop to erase the sky. We want all the work to be done inside YoWindow.
Later on (in a couple of months) we will integrate Sky Eraser inside YoWindow.

We have been working on Sky Eraser since the beginning of Summer and now it is time to share our work with you.

The editor was programmed by Dima.
I'm sure he will appreciate your comments.
The design of the editor was made by me and Yura.

To start working you need to open an image from your computer or from the Internet address with menu/File/Open
When you are done you can save the result image as .PNG with main-menu/File/Save
You can switch between 2 view modes - countour ("running ants") and transparent ("checkers") - see the buttons at the bottom of the toolbar.
There are 3 tools you can use to erase or restore parts of the image:
Color tool - the most powerful one - lets you select a color, it works like a Magic wand tool in Photoshop
Countour tool - select an area by dragging the mouse over the picture.
Linear countour tool - select an area by drawing linear segments.

Use Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y to undo/redo your work.

Some buttons and actions are not available yet:
- Horizon line editing
- Day/Night views

Hopefully soon I will write a short tutorial about the editor.
For now try to find out yourself how Sky Eraser works, I hope it is not so difficult ;)

If you have spotted a bug, please let us know as much as possible about the conditions that had lead to the error as possible.
We need a step by step instructions to reproduce the error and the original picture you were editing.

Post your bug reports, question and suggestions in this forum section.
They are very welcome, especially error reports with detailed steps to reproduce.

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Re: Introduction

Post by novax1 » Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:59 pm

An editor pregunata images to remove the sky you will put it to download not online
Greetings :)

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