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Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:32 pm
by NigelR
Hi both and thank you for feedback - APPRECIATED!

Herman: All noted re dew point being a calculation via PWS. What about the informative display on your web page? How is that generated? Also from PWS and some 'magic programming' on your side to publish on your web page perhaps?

Par: As a 'feature' for YoWindow, how feasible would it be to incorporate astronomy related information? There are so many things that could be chosen so a 'user defined' approach would be more flexible but as an example could be a calculation as provided by this link (customise for own area) ... 06&site=19

or even just a planetarium type display showing constellation(s) + key pointer stars?

Another 'enhancement' could be aeronautical related with specific reference to gliding (soaring) e.g. Thermal forecast and other such 'good to know' details!

Even if not possible, then YoWindow is STILL a FANTASTIC application <BIG Smile>!

Till we chat again, KEEP SMILING :-)

VBR from Nigel in SUNNY South Africa!

Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:41 am
by hermanz

The problem with the screensaver was bigger then I thought. But it is fixed. I have tested and the program runs in the background. You have to run the program sun.exe with the taskscheduler every 10 minutes. Yoy have to place both programs in the directory "c:\program files\heavyweather"


Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:56 am
by hermanz
Hi Nigel

The informative display is generated with the program Heavyweather Publisher V.1 PC Software.
You can download it from . ... hwp_us.exe. This is a part of the software deliveriy from La Crosse.


The orange color is the color of the Dutch WK soccer team

Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:16 am
by NigelR
Good day Herman (+ Pav) and thanks for feedback - appreciated :-)

All noted re 'Heavy Weather' and indeed I have the same (similar?) application on CD included with my PWS (model WS-2315SH) but as yet have not installed... :-(

Also need to thank Pav (and development team) for including 'Dew Point' parameter in latest release - THANK YOU!

Am sure I will be commenting further as time go's by and especially after installing my PWS which is currently still in box.... not good Argggggggg!

Till we chat again remember to KEEP SMILING :-)

VBR from sunny South Africa

Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:59 pm
by Tihomir Z
Hello Herman
Please help, here I have tried this with what is offered for ws3600 but not if it starts to work. Please help me which user name should be put, and a password, whether to go with data that are on the server where the data is sent to my website.
And it is this: User Name:
Pasword: ********* (secret information)

Please explain exactly what the entry if it finally takes effect, or will it all enough to turn off my game of cat and mouse, I said that we Neid these things and I think I was clear, and if we do not help anyone then let me stated the ok.
Uitover.txt what exactly this type?
user ????? Did that needs this type:
The secret password information *********
bin that, here, that the entry
cd / httpdocs what they get characters
time Yowindow.XML
I copied the file in Currdat.lst Currback.lst file is fine.
I use the Heavy Weather Publisher, here's a picture from the data, if they are over it can send data at yowindow?
Here, I simply do not know What Where to entry and that it starts to work, I do not know.
So much for the address type d
When I wanted to send data to Awekas off the program Wuhu, and with him was Awekas upload.bat, and everything worked from the first, is now more than two years without a problem but this is about yowindowa, total coma, no offense, but Unfortunately this is too stressful for me.
So much of me. Thank you for your assistance.

Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:55 am
by par
Dear friends, I have made a simple installer for Herman software.
You may download it here

The software updates yowindow.xml file with the current weather from your La Crosse WS3600 weather station.
yowindow.xml is updated every 10 minutes.

On installation you need to specify the directory where Heavy Weather software is installed on your computer.
Usually it is C:\heavyweather

After installing the software, you need to tell YoWindow where yowindow.xml is located.
Here is how.
-Run YoWindow
-Select your home location
-Open Location Properties dialog: main-menu/Location/Location Properties
-Check "Load weather from personal weather station" mark
-Click Setup button
-Type in the path to yowindow.xml, usually it is C:\heavyweather\YOWINDOW.XML
-Click OK

If everything is ok, you should see the weather from your weather station right inside YoWindow.
Have fun!

Guys and girls, please report any problems and suggestions you may have while trying to plug La Crosse to YoWindow.

Herman, thank you much for the hard work on this project.
Don't you mind if I add your name to YoWindow credits in About dialog?

Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:11 pm
by Tihomir Z
Hello Pavel
Here I did everything you described. How many will not always see that we refresh the data. Why do we print the absolute pressure, and should be relative. It is a mistake somewhere, so that correct?
What should I change the settings yowindowu that my information on the web site to read
My station ws3600. This is only a small part must be replaced, but we who. Can you say. For now would be, I am satisfied that the data finally go to my station. Once again thank you all. :)

Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:28 pm
by hermanz

If you place the file ftp.txt in the same directory then myweer will place YOWINDOW.XML on your website.
I have added the file in zip format

the content of this file is

user username
cd /httpdocs
put yowindow.xml

change username password httpdocs
you can change the file with a simple editor. If there is a problem let me know.

@par I appreciate that you will place my name


Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:28 am
by par
Hey, Herman!
I have been running sun.exe and weer.exe for a couple of weeks on my Vista machine for the test purpose.

The weather is updated very nice.
However, there are a couple of serious problems in your software I care about.
Unfortunately, we are not ready to make it available for wide audience because of the problems.

1. Very rare, sun.exe exits unexpectedly with "Access Violation Error" - around 2-4 times a day.
It may happen because sun.exe is attempting to write file to a place that is not allowed by windows or the file name inside sun.exe is composed wrong or by some other reason.
At least you have to wrap any system calls in asserts to make it easy for us to find the problem spot.
Can you fix this?

2. When sun.exe updates I see a window button in the task bar. All current window buttons are shrinked at the moment.
The screensaver is not closed fortunately, but this button motion may frighten the user. He may think there is a virus on his computer.
The program must be made windowless to avoid this effect. Can you make it in Visual Basic?

I may help you to rewrite the software in C++ to avoid these 2 problems, and then we will be happy to release it.
If you like, you may send me your Visual Basic source code that converts La Crosse weather to YoWindow format, so I correctly write the conversion.

Re: La Crosse WS3600

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:19 pm
by Tihomir Z
Hi Pavel and Herman
I must tell you that I give suggestions on how to program ws3600-Yowindow.
The program runs without errors, the data refreshes every 5min.Tu have no objections.
But, today I arranged to send me information on my website and I noticed the following. I am setting for my website put following address: url = C: / HeavyWeather / Yowindow.xml ..... First printing: Trnovec Bartolovečki, updated weather, it's good because the print never appeared. Once you experience data from Maribor, the second time with my station, but the data are presented as they will be tonight or tomorrow. I do not know why it will not appear as scheduled ws3600-Yowindow, maybe I need something else upgraded some input in the settings, I am happy that we at least good and true for me in the laptop. I know I need to still further work, but here I was told that you know what I have experience.
picture how it looks on the website
I apologize a little on the length of fasting.