Suggestion: Access PWS data w/o PWS URL

Personnal Weather Station (PWS) support
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Suggestion: Access PWS data w/o PWS URL

Post by bertilak » Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:50 am

I use Weather Underground to get the current conditions from a PWS near my location. The weather station is not mine but it is only about a mile from my house:
It is called "Near Reunion Ranch, Georgetown, TX"

YoWindow's Properties dialog wants me to input a URL for a personal weather station but I cannot find a URL for KTXGEORG23. Somehow Weather Underground can get at the data with just "KTXGEORG23." Is there any way I can get YoWindow to get current conditions in that way?

Here is Weather Undergrounds page that displays the data from that location: The XML data it returns is:

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