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Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress Toppers

A good mattress topper laid on top of an old mattress can dramatically improve sleeping experience. Besides providing your body with the support and comfort it needs to have a good night’s sleep, the best topper for bed also facilitates air movement to vent your body heat and keep your core temperature regulated.

Over the years, our readers have sent us emails or left comments about the best mattress toppers. In this mattress topper FAQ revisit, we will address some of the newer questions we got for you to learn more about these wonderful pieces of bed accessory.

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What Is a Fitted Mattress Pad?

A fitted mattress pad has a design resembling a fitted bed sheet. Unlike the other type of mattress pad which is essentially just a block of foam laid on top of your old mattress, this type covers up the top as well as the sides. The pillow top (or the sleeping surface) is quilted or padded to improve comfort and coziness.

Fitted mattress pads can generally fit on all standard-sized mattresses. The elastic bands wrapping around the sides of the pad can fit onto a mattress 24 inches thick.


Aside From Greater Comfortability, Is There Anything Else a Mattress Topper Can Provide?

Depending on the model you choose and their properties, most of the top mattress toppers also have a protective effect for your mattress. Many of them are made to be waterproof and thus would be able to protect your mattress from liquid spills. Some mattress toppers are also woven from hypoallergenic materials that can prevent the growth of mold and protect you from the lurking risks of pet dander and mites.

Overall, a top rated mattress topper can exponentially expand the service life of your mattress.


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Which Kind Of Topper For Mattress Is Machine-Washable?

Machine washability is a highly sought-after property for mattress toppers. It can save you more time as well as being much more convenient.

If you want a machine-washable topper, look out for models made out of materials like polyester and cotton. Although they are generally thinner and offer less padding and breathability than non-machine-washable materials such as memory foam, they are generally more affordable. Of course, there’s also the machine-washable part.

But if you’re willing to spend more, high quality mattress toppers that are made from wool are typically machine-washable (read the manufacturer’s instruction manual that comes within the box just to be safe.) They offer better durability and are more resistant against threats such as mold and mites than cotton and polyester.


Which Mattress Topper Material Is Best If I Have Back Pain?

If you have back pain and need maximum comfortability from your mattress topper, memory foam will be your best bet. The material conforms to your body shape and sleep position to relieve as much pressure from your pressure points as possible. However, because memory foam is notorious for their lack of ventilation, look out for the best mattress toppers with cooling gel infused memory foam. The cooling gel will improve ventilation and vent out your body heat.


These are the most frequently asked questions about highest rated mattress topper Image that we have received so far. We hope this guide has given you a better idea about your mattress topper.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask, feel free to drop us a line via our email or through the comments!
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