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Doc: Weather Display, how to export YoWindow XML

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:48 pm
by par
Updated 2-5-10 to Build 251

This document explains how to export Weather Display weather to YoWindow XML format.

There are three ways to generate an xml file containing your weather data for YoWindow to read.

1) The easiest way is to make sure that you have a recent version of the Weather Display software then select Setup-YoWindow Setup and there you can turn on the creation and uploading of the yowindow.xml file. The file will be created every 5 minutes in your \wdisplay\webfiles\ folder and uploaded to the location that you have set for your standard web pages.

In WD version 37P Build 30 Brian added an option for a user created template file such as in option 2 below which should be named customyowindow.txt. When this option is selected and customyowindow.txt is found in the \webfiles folder, WD will process and upload that file. This new capability makes it easy to add new tags when necessary. Brian also created several new tags so the template is affected less by the user's units setting in WD. The template in option #2 will be kept current when there are new YoWindow capabilities.

2) Another way is to use the following template. Using notepad, copy this template code into a file named wxlocal31.html and place that file in your wdisplay/webfiles/ folder. The number is unimportant, I chose a higher one so it probably wouldn't conflict with anything you are currently using. Then set to have the file created in "Internet File Creation & Uploads". Once that's working, you can point your YoWindow desktop version to the newly created wdisplay /webfiles/wx31.html for the current weather data. If you want to use the online version of YoWindow, then you'll also have to set WD to upload that file to your web site, and can have it renamed along the way if you wish. I had mine uploaded as yowindow.xml.

Code: Select all

<!-- %stationname% %date% %time% -->
<!-- Remove auto_update section if wanting the default, otherwise in seconds -->
<!-- Remove snow section if not inputting snow -->
<!-- Remove the uv and solar tags if not using those detectors -->
      <interval value="300"/> 
      <current value="%tempinmetric%"/> 
      <feels_like value="%feelslikeincelsius%"/> 	  
    <humidity value="%hum%"/> 
    <pressure value="%baroinmetric%"/> 
      <speed value="%10minavspeedinm/s%"/> 
      <gusts value="%maxgustlastmininm/s%"/> 	  
      <direction value="%dirdeg%"/> 
      <icon id="%iconnumber%" format="wd"/> 
      <description value="%weatherreport%"/> 
          <rate value="%currentrainratemm%"/>
          <daily_total value="%dayrnmm%"/>
          <level value="%snownowin.%" unit="inch"/>
    <uv value="%VPuv%"/> 
    <solar radiation="%currentsolarpctplain%" energy="%VPsolar%"/>
The auto_update section is only necessary if you want to change from the YoWindow default 5 minute updates. The value is in seconds.

snownowin. (unit="inch") or snownowcm (unit="cm") also depends on user settings in WD and should only be included if you are manually inputting your snow level.

I'm not sure how %weatherreport% will work for the description and it may well be affected by your language translations. Those with solar sensors may find that %Currentsolardescription% will work better for them.

Weather Display has hundreds of tags, so feel free to let us know if you find a tag(s) that work better.

3) The third option is to use a PHP script if you have PHP available on your server. You can copy the code from and upload that to your server. You then set YoWindow to use "". This method allows you the flexibility to manipulate data should you need to do that, plus your data will be as current as is the clientraw data on your server.

When you are done you may connect YoWindow to your station, follow these instructions.

Re: Doc: Weather Display, how to export YoWindow XML

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:44 pm
by par
I have removed STICKY tag from this topic since Weather Display tutorial is available now, it explains things easily.