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Re: WD YoWindow PHP Script

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:52 am
by Tihomir Z
Yesterday evening came the first abundant rains this year for me, (so far fallen a modest 52.4 mm of rain), here's an example of how the YoWindow all is well recorded. It should always be when it comes to precipitation. Now these data override the default meter data Maribor. And, as I noticed in version YoWindow 2, the PHP script it is not happening, it was the way I put the icon.
2. I have another question
The PHP script to a number of specific items
I put that part of what I write.
And, I interested in the visibility of that number is going to nemoram manually every time a change to send to the server, it is irritating to me, if not, Mill would say that it enters. We do it manually now.
Number of visibility in the WD program:
$wavgspd = KtsToMps($data[1]); // Convert knots to m/s
$wmaxgustlastimediate10 = KtsToMps($data[2]); // Convert knots to m/s
$wDirec = $data [ 3]; // Wind direction in degrees
$Temp = $data [ 4]; // Temperature
$feelslike = $data [ 44]; // Feels like (Wind Chill)
$Baro = $data [ 6]; // Pressure
$BTrend = $data [ 50]; // Barometric trend
$Humid = $data [ 5]; // Humidity
$DayRain = $data [ 7]; // Rain today
//$RainRate= $data [ 10]*60; // Rain rate per minute * 60 = mm/h
$RainRate= $data [ 10]; // Rain rate per minute mm
$Solar = $data [ 34]; // Solar %
$SolarWM = $data [127]; // Solar W/m2
$UV = $data [ 79]; // UVI
$Icon = $data [ 48]; // Current conditions icon number
$Dewp = $data [ 72]; // Dewpoint
$Lat = $data [160];
$Lng =-($data[161]);// invert because in WD it's minus for EAST of GMT
$SnowLvl = $extra[697]; // Snow depth
$gotSolar= $extra[701]=="s1"; // Solar info present
$wdvisibility ='20.0' ;// unit= km $extra[ ? ] What is this number? , Now the manual input.
$wdDesc = ' '.strtolower($data[ 49]); // Inputted weather description
$Strikes = $data [114]; // Lightning
if ($Strikes < $MinStrikes) {
$Strikes = 0;

Re: WD YoWindow PHP Script

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:33 am
by jmcmurry

For you question #2, unfortunately, there is no entry for visibility in the clientraw files, so there is no "number" for you to use.

You would have to ask Brian to add visibility to clientrawextra.txt, and for that to use the visibility that you would enter in Input Daily Weather. That is how snow level works now.

Sorry. - Jim

Re: WD YoWindow PHP Script

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:12 am
by Tihomir Z
OK Jim Thanks for the reply.
I will ask Brian.

Re: WD YoWindow PHP Script

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:39 pm
by jmcmurry
Tihomir has convinced Brian to add the visibility that is entered into "Input Daily Weather", to the clientrawextra.txt file. I have added that value to our script available at

This means you can now control the visibility for your location using this feature. But don't forget to set it back to a negative number when you are through or that visibility will go on forever. By the way, controlling the snow works the same way by setting the current level > 0 in "Input Daily Weather".

Right now this is only available in Brian's .zip update of the program, but will also be available in the full install when he builds one newer than the current 3 April version.

- Jim

WD YoWindow PHP Script

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:19 pm
by AS-M2jes
this suggestion works good. But explorer is still open. Yes I know, that I shut down them, but its not effective.

I was looking in the doc for HTTP-GET directive, but I found only script for downloading. Does anybody have any example of simply opennig script though HTTP-GET?

Thanx a lot again